Who We Are

Established in 2015, XPeng is one of the leading Smart EV companies in China

We have taken an innovative technology path to our envisioned future of mobility. We intend to empower consumers with our differentiated Smart EVs that can offer disruptive mobility experiences. We believe this can be achieved by fast iteration of software and seamless integration with hardware, which enable us to lead the innovation of Smart EV technologies and provide differentiated Smart EV products to consumers.

Within only six years since our inception in 2015, with leading software, data and hardware technology at our core, we have been bringing innovation to intelligent driving, smart connectivity and core vehicle systems. In contrast to incumbent automotive original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and some pure-play EV startups, who generally rely on software solutions from third-party suppliers, our speed of innovation and unique capability to tailor our vehicle software to evolving needs of Chinese consumers and China-specific road conditions are our core competitive advantages. We are the only* automotive company based in China that develops full stack intelligent driving software encompassing localization and high definition map fusion, perception algorithm and sensor fusion, behavior planning, motion planning and control in house and has deployed such software on mass-produced vehicles.


*According to IHS Markit, as of Jun 18, 2021